Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gaelic College, St Anns, Cape Breton Island, NS, September 2015

The Gaelic College at St Annes on Cape Breton Island is a very important element in the Gaelic life of the island. It has a variety of music and language educational programs, particularly during the summer. And in the Fall/Autumn is the base for the Celtic Colors festival -- which, unfortunately, we missed. 

There is a strong connection between the College and New Zealand. An important minister in the early Gael settlement of Cape Breton Island was the Reverend Norman MacLeod. Many followed him to St Annes, and were known as Normanites. He and his followers moved first to Adelaide and then, amazingly, to Waipu in New Zealand. The College is built on the MacLeod land and there is a stone to his memory on the grounds of the College.

The grounds of the College. The memorial stone to the Reverend MacLeod is on the right.

Memorial to the Reverend McLeod

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