Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halifax Citadel, Nova Scotia, September 2015Ou

Halifax has always been a vital part of the defence of the Marine Provinces. Overlooking the harbor, the British constructed three citadels. The most recent version was built in the 19th century. Parks Canada has renovated the citadel as it would have existed in the Victorian period. Interpreters are outfitted as they would have been dressed as part of the 78th Highlander Regiment of Foot.

Once again, we took one of Parks Canada's guided tours. An hour long but rushed with so much to see and learn. The interpreter, as we have seen with others from Park Canada, gave a  professional overview of the geopolitical context and the design and operation of the citadel. There seemed to be no question that fazed him .. including the lady who wanted to know what was underneath the Highlander's kilt. He precisely described the full kit. We moved through the bowels of the citadel -- very exciting! The tour ended with the firing of the Noon gun (and see the YouTube video).  

Our interpreter with a "soldier" of the 78th Highland regiment. The interpreter is dressed as an off duty officer.

Looking to the city and harbor

Clocktower -- running since 1825.

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