Sunday, October 4, 2015

Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, NS, September 2015

Alexander Graham Bell and his family have very strong connections with Cape Breton Island. They bought several properties at Baddeck on Bras d'Or Lake in the 1880s and built a large summer house. There Bell and his wife conducted many experiments with flight and hydroplanes. The first powered flight in Canada took place on the ice on the lake in 1909 by the Silver Dart. The Bell descendants still own the house and the land although, as might be expected, it has become divided over the years. Parks Canada has built an excellent museum at Baddeck. There is a replica of the Silver Dart and both the remnants of the HD-4 hydrofoil and a replica.  

The Silver Dart replica

HD-4 remnants. It had been left on the beach at Baddeck until the 1950s!

Replica of the HD-4

The original engine of the HD-4 is in place on the replica. A straight 12.

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