Friday, August 7, 2015

Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Ottawa, August

Chamberfest is 15 days of intensive chamber music, broadly defined. We had not just traditional chamber music, but also traditional Persian songs with Nexus Percussion, Scandinavian folk tunes and Broadway standards as well as new music. Concerts can start at 10am and end at 11:30pm for Chamberfringe.

Over six days we attended 17 concerts! Highlights were;

Montreal and California Guitar Trios at Dominon-Chalmers United Church

Danish String Quartet played a regular concert and then went on to play the Chamberfest fringe at 10pm. An hour of Scandinavian Folk Musi

My Turquoise Gaze at the Fringe

Performers at the Beethoven Concert. Final piece of the evening was Ode to Joy in piano transcription. At times, James Parker's fingers were flying so fast it was impossible to see them. Magic.

Audience at Dominion-Chalmers United Church

A Sunday morning concert at Beechwood, National Military Cemetery


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