Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Acadian stop, Edmundston, New Brunswick, August

Just into the New Brunswick border from Quebec are the towns of St Jacques, Edmundston and Saint Basile. This area is 95% francophone. Most are coming from the Acadians of Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick who were expelled by the British in 1755-1764. Many went back to France or New Orleans but others went into the hinterland. We stayed at the campground in Saint Basile -- one of the best campgrounds we have been on the trip thus far. Most staying at the campground were there for the summer season and were locals from the region. Every Saturday night they have music in the camp meeting house -- the particular night we were there was "Halloween." Yes, I know, Halloween is in October but they celebrated a camp ground Halloween before the camp closed for the summer. The music was largely traditional Acadian but there was an 83 year old Elvis and a Johnny Cash lookalike!! A great night ending at 11pm. Everyone at the campground was very friendly and welcoming -- we stayed an extra three days.

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