Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Brunswick Botanical Gardens, Edmundston, New Brunswick, August

 In St Jacques, on the northern edge of Edmundston, is the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. This is one of the best of its type we have visited over the years. What sets this garden apart from others is the range of activities within the garden. There is both an artist in residence and a herbalist in residence. We talked to both of these folk at length. Msr Cyr, the  artist in residence sculpts in wood. All of the sculptures relate to the people and history of the area. He is Acadian and we talked about the Acadians in the region as well as his work. The herbalist (and I lost his card, so cannot give him a name) told us about the herbs and medicinal plants of the Maritimes and Newfoundland. The gardens has a new building just for the herbs and medicinal plants thematic garden. We had thought we might take an hour for the garden but ended up taking more than four hours.

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