Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Moonbeam nature trails, July

We stayed three days in Moonbeam, Ontario after a long trip through very remote Ontario from Geraldton. At one point, 150+ km between any form of civilization. The forests of Ontario must be really assisting with reducing the effects of climate change.

Moonbeam is a great name for a town! The townsfolk have developed the most fantastic network of nature trails. This is the best developed network we have seen in Canada and the people of Moonbeam are to be congratulated. We heard some feedback that the trails have not received the usage that they should, but notwithstanding the community should persevere and continue to maintain them. We cycled on a sealed (tarmac) path from Moonbeam to Rene Brunelle Provincial Park through the most beautiful boreal forest, past a couple of small lakes. There were some thunderstorms around but we managed to miss the worst of the rain. A highlight!

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