Friday, December 11, 2015

New Orleans, November 2015

We made our way from Memphis to New Orleans, a long drive in the truck. We like to be in to the campground by dark and we just made it. It was Thanksgiving, so not much was on -- but the French Quarter was very busy as always. We were able make several trips in what was a pretty quiet time for us. We had a good look around the Lower Ninth Ward -- in fact our (excellent) RV park was only a mile from the Lower Ninth Ward. We were able to join in to the Nine Times Social Aide & Pleasure Club's annual second line parade in the Upper Ninth Ward (I will post photos).

Particularly enjoyable was to take the trolley from the terminus of the Saint Charles line to Canal Street via the Garden District. It takes nearly 45 minutes to run the complete distance but to see the 19th century homes is a must see.

New Orleans is the most European of cities in the USA .. and all the best for that. These shots were taken at Jackson Square in the French Quarter .. there is, of course, music everywhere in the city. 

Andrew Jackson statue


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