Saturday, December 12, 2015

Houston, Texas, November and December 2015

From New Orleans we headed due west to Houston. In the week after Thanksgiving, things were pretty quiet and we took it rather easy, going to the gym and three movies. It is the Oscar season, so too many good movies to see. Houston is a huge metropolis with ridiculous freeways and interchanges. Oh, and no town planning. But still interesting to visit for a few days.

We did take in a concert at The Match is a brand new $25m venue in Houston. Michel Doneda on saxophone & Tatsuya Nakatani on percussion. New music in Houston, of all places. Tatsuya does incredible things with the percussion. On the Sunday of Thanksgiving there were still sixty or so in the hall. The Match is obviously going to be important in the performance life of the city with several flexible halls for music and theater. 

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