Saturday, September 19, 2015

Torrent River Fish Ladder, September 2015

Torrent River is on the West Coast of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. Over the years, logging, cod fishing and other activities in the area have diminished. The local community looked to tourism as an alternative. The Torrent River runs more than 100km up to the Long Range of mountains and would be an ideal salmon fishing river. However, falls near the mouth of the river did not allow salmon to proceed upriver. So the community worked with the provincial and federal government to build a fish ladder. After a couple of false starts, the fish ladder is working well now. Visitors go from the excellent interpretation center with a guide to viewing platforms beside the fish ladder to see the salmon waiting to go upriver. The guide said that the females had gone earlier in the season and the males were moving up ready to join them.

Interpretation Centre

Salmon waiting to go up river

The Fish Ladder

Salmon waiting to go up river 

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