Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fogo Island, Newfoundland, September 2015

In Banff we attended a talk at the Banff Institute by Zita Cobb and Todd Saunders architect who have been instrumental in the development of community activities and a new hotel on Fogo Island. The Island is the largest of Newfoundland's offshore islands. We were so taken with the talk that we decided to put Fogo on our travel plans. We were not disappointed and loved our time on the island. There is only one RV park on the island, at Brimstone Head in the town of Fogo. The Flat Earth Society designate Brimstone Head as one of the corners of the known world. 

Boarding the Captain Earl Winsor to Fogo Island

The end of the earth!

Looking at Fogo Bay from Brimstone Head

The RV park at Brimstone Head

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