Friday, May 29, 2015

Setting up, Portland May 15 to 19

The first stop was to Portland, Oregon. The Chevy Silverado was ready for us in Sandy, OR. First time driving such a big vehicle.

Coming from Hawaii, we could only buy a limited amount of items. So a major shopping trip to IKEA was necessary along with trips to Lowes, Home  Depot, Whole Foods and Walmart. Frenetic!

We were able to undertake some activities on our first visit to Portland. In the suburb of Hillsboro is the Bag&Baggage Theater Company. A newish professional company, they put on For Our Country's Good, based on the book The Playmaker by Tom Keneally. The stage was not really set up for theater and the company did an excellent job. The play resonates for those with any connection to Australia.

More professional is the Artists Repertory Theatre in the center of the city. The play was Four Thousand Miles. Again, excellent. We miss good quality theater in Honolulu.

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